YOU don’t like the quality ! watch it on twitch instead ! it’s the best quality stream for someone without followers ! i’m sick and tired getting downthrottled and shot back into the crab-bucket while I have evidence I had way more performance and quality in livestreaming on youtube even BACK in 2013 !!! 7 year old technology and they now downthrottle and try to get rid of small youtubers ! you are going to have a bad time youtube !

you want to have less bandwith ?! see what I can do !

youtube are a bunch of retarded assholes that disable functions and quality that was readily available even in 2013, you absolute abhorent pieces of shite. — Watch live at
come and join us, watch

I stream simultaneously on YouTube,Twitch and Mixer.

you can also check my livestreams live on my website:

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Deus Ex [ but in 2020 ] United Nations – ATCO ?

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