Dark Souls 3 Effects update

In the previous update we showed the intro sequence and the death animations for dark souls III.
but there has been some updates and changes I’ve made that are worth mentioning.

First of all the intro animation will get updated every video, this means that the deaths will be up to date
and will slowly color to the red, the more times I’ve died.

I’ve also made a little effect to show my name in the beginning of the video / introducing the video. this little animation
is also show in the video below.

The final changes are made in the death animations. The dark sign particle system of 1 million particles had to be removed due to render time issues. It took way to long to render and sadly had to be dealt with accordingly. Goodbye pretty particle animation :'( you’ll be missed.



Now we will add special skulls with their own particle systems for every type of death. for people that are not familiar with dark souls, you can help others out as a white or yellow shade. these will be shown as white glowing and yellow glowing skulls as well if we die trying to help these people. also when invading, they will appear like a red phantom or like the special Farron wolf covenant these will have unique skulls as well. on top of all of this will every 100th death be marked with a crowned skull.



an example of the 100th death is also included in the video below.


Dark Souls 3 Effects update

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