skyrim stories: chayness part 2

this is the story of chayness, a redguard woman who will try to survive the harsh cold of skyrim.

skyrim can be bought on steam:

all the mods I used:

skytest – realistic animals and predators

the dance of death – a killmove mod

xp32 maximiu skeleton

immersive armors

open cities skyrim

cloaks of skyrim

winter is coming cloaks

purevision enb

fire and ice overhaul

realistic water 2

alternate start- live another life-

smelt all dwemer artefacts

drinking fountains of skyrim


gold is now septim

height adjusted races

immersive beds

immersive patrols

no psychic lock knowledge

pumping iron

realistic needs and diseases

sit anywhere

take notes- journal of the dragonborn-

wet and cold

project reality – climates of tamriel-

t3nd0s skyrim redone

sneak tools

enhanced lights and FX


ultimate follower overhaul

a quality world map


SKSE patcher

enhanced blood textures

elemental arrows

immersive weapons


immersive saturation boost

realistic ragdolls and force

more dragon loot

hd plants + herbs

lush grass


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