In my thesis I do research and produce a high fidelity prototype, with the goal to create more immersion into digital games. The hypothesis is that realistic physical properties create a stronger identification between the player and his avatar.

The goals isn’t only to create more identification between the player and his avatar, the next step is to influence the behavior of the player by game mechanics.

This is a new step that goes beyond the existing research in immersion and realism in digital games.

The high fidelity prototype is build in the EU4 engine, using the blueprints system. for the 3d models I’ve used Zbrush and Maya. Animations are built in Maya.



voortgang-body voortgang-body2 voortgang-body3 voortgang-body4 voortgang-body5 voortgang-body6voortgang-facevoortgang-face2voortgang-face3voortgang-face4zbrushmaya-skeleton


Thesis – More involvement with the avatar